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Interview with Ben Hammersley

Ben Hammersley was my first guest on my Reboot podcasts this year, and his presentation was not only great – but challenging for our minds. The different people I have talked to afterwards, this was the presentation many have said to be the one with the longest lasting effect.

It is my pleasure to bring him “back” and talk with him about how his topic has evolved. Because in this new society, we not only want to express ourselves differently, but also we participate for example through podcasting in conferences, so speakers cannot hold one and the same speech several times.

His keynote for Les Blogs 2.0 is titled “Eight ideas that will really revolutionize the 21st century (and why blogging isn’t one of them)” and I encourage you to go listen to it – because hearing him afterwards on some recordings is only half the fun. For more information, read his speaker bio or visit his blog.

Download MP3 (42 min, 24.7 MB)

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Interview with Mark Rogers (Market Sentinel)

Mark Rogers is CEO of Market Sentinel, a web monitoring company. Topics of this interview are:

  • how Market Sentinel works, and how they focus on selecting the sources which are important forthe customers
  • the Influencer Index: per topic, per theme, per company and the Net Promoters index – from an old economy idea to the new world
  • about their upcoming white paper “how influential are bloggers”
  • his special interest for Les Blogs: how are others to deal with Spamblogs

Go to their website for more information or visit their blog.

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Interview with Salim Ismail from Pubsub

Chairman and co-founder of , Salim Ismail is panelist on “Tracking/Listening to the Online World” and adds to what Marc Canter talked about in the last podcast – structured data and what this means for our life.

Topics he and I are talking about are for example

  • looking into the past and using a matching engine for new events
  • the first decade: “messaging”, the second: “request and respond”, the third: “publish and subscribe”
  • structured blogging and new tools for this
  • the feedmash
  • Pubsub tracks Blogs, Usenet groups, airport delays, stock filings and – an XML-based earthquake system
  • information should be available when a user needs them – and if they need them very quick, there is a business waiting
  • what idea started Pubsub – and why bloggers make a great load test
  • structured data, blogging and localization

Read his speaker bio for more information or read the session description.

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Interview with Marc Canter

Who’d thought that Marc Canter not only talks future but has German Opera at hand when you talk to him? But perhaps this is also part of “How to socialize in the year 2055”?

I can tell you, I had a lot to laugh during this interview. We talk for example about

  • digital lifestyle, structured blogging, microcontent, microformats
  • meet space and how to meet women (and jobs) online
  • about not looking in content, but using open standards – and have better services on top
  • the new era of media blogging

Read his speaker bio for more information or visit his blog.

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Interview with Joël de Rosnay

Book-author Joël de Rosnay will speak on the panel “Citizen Journalism and mainstream media”.

He and I talk about “old people”, the success of , why he sometimes likes websites better than blogs, why he wants to talk to a machine, and why he would like to meet more of the ‘younger’ people.

Read his speaker bio for more information or visit his website.

Download MP3 (16 min, 9.3 MB)

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Interview with Dana VanDen Heuvel

Dana VanDen Heuvel’s interview has gotten a bit longer than the others, but this is also due to the fact that it was one of the first I recorded. As everything around RSS is very interesting to me, I naturally was hooked on listening to him. 🙂

Read his speaker bio or visit his blog for more information on him, or visit the company Pheedo.

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Interview with Olivier Dufour

Skema is in the market for “easy publishing of audio/video” for their customer, with a special focus on easy to use and providing better meta data.

I interview founder Olivier Dufour who will be on the session for Podcasting, Photo & Video Blogging about this interesting way of using modern technology and would hope more companies would make it as easy to use.

Read his speaker bio for more information or visit his blog.

Download MP3 (25:19 min, 14.8 MB)

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Interview with Jeff Clavier

Venture consultant Jeff Clavier moderates the panel “Investing 2.0 : The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” and promises a lot of interaction with the audience.

We talk about how easy it has gotten to start a business, and which kind of interests VCs have when they look at a business. For the Panel, Jeff wants a lively conversation with ideas and concepts brought in from the audience, and he and the panel will comment if these are “good, bad or ugly”. He promises it to be a lot of fun – so prepare your ideas! 🙂

Read his speaker bio for more information or visit his blog.

Download MP3 (26:30 min, 15.5 MB)

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Interview with Steve Olechowski from Feedburner

Steve Olechowski is co-founder and COO of Feedburner, and will be talking on the RSS panel of Les Blogs.

We talk about how Feedburner listens to their publishers, the helpful introduction of iTunes support and why so many podcasters and blog owners use feedburner. Additionally you can read his speaker info or visit his his blog.

Download MP3 (31 min, 18.2 MB)

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