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Interview with Dr. Marcel Reichart (Burda Media)

Marcel Reichart definitely represents mainstream media: Hubert Burda Media. He will be speaking at the panel “Citizen Journalism and mainstream media”

We talk about why they are curious about blogging, possible cross promotion with for example print, established media brands meet new media, and old print titles get fresh community input.

Read his speaker bio for more information or visit his blog.

Download MP3 (17:58 min, 10.5 MB)

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Interview with Martin Varsavsky

Martin Varsavsky is not only a Sponsor of Les Blogs and speaks on the panel “How is blogging affecting corporations?”, but has a very intriguing product: FON.

Beside that he also uses his Varsavsky Foundation to provide technology for poorer countries with a focus on children and runs

Read his speaker bio for more information or visit his blog.

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Interview with Kevin Anderson

Kevin Anderson is working for BBC World Service and will be on the panel for “How blogs influence politics?”.

He tells us about his engagement in the US elections, and how blogs are indeed influencing politics. I especially liked the term “distributed, investigative journalism”.

Read about his blogging the US election or visit the “about the team” page at the BBC.

Download MP3 (25:19 min, 14.8 MB)

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Interview with Elizabeth Albrycht

Elizabeth Albrycht is not only a public relations professional, but she also co-founded of the New Communications Forum and a founding advisory board member and chair of the research and publications committee of the Society for New Communications Research, a new think tank for the advanced study of new communications tools.

At Les Blogs she will be moderating the RSS panel, and in this podcast we talk about what this new think tank can provide in regard of studies and white papers to help understand the impact of these new tools. And congratulations for her joining the Corante Marketing Web Hub!

Read her speaker bio for more information or visit her blog.

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Interview with Philippe Borremans

Philippe Borremans is Public Relation Manager for IBM Belgium & Luxembourg and will be talking on the “How is blogging affecting corporations?” panel.

It is an interesting view into an international company and how modern technology can be integrated into those, specifically in PR. He talks about why blogging as well as podcasting have a huge effect on IBM (including having policies for both), why common sense and trust are important, and how he is practicing “Real PR”.

Read his speaker bio for more information or visit his blog.

Download MP3 (29:50 min, 17.5 MB)

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