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Digital Lifestyle Day 06 conference podcast

For the DLD 06 the pre conference podcast now has finished and I am looking forward to the conference!

This time I had help from Thomas Wanhoff and Frank Tentler from the Tomorrow Podcast-Show and we managed to record 10 interesting episodes. They are available at the conference site, but I was wondering if you would have expected me to add them into my bloxpert feed as well? Any thoughts on this appreciated!

But here are the recorded interviews:

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Upcoming: DLD 06

For the Digital Lifestyle Day 06 by Hubert Burda Media I will post interviews on their blog with Dan Gillmor, Lars Hinrichs, Felix Petersen & Stefan Kellner, Loic Lemeur, Thomas Madsen-Mygdal, Jyri Engström and perhaps some more. I will cross link them here. 🙂