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Reboot 8: Interview with Martin Röll

Martin Röll will not only be holding a conversation together with Ton Zijlstra and Lee Bryant but also facilitate a session titled “Consultants Session“.

Read his speaker entry on the wiki or visit his blog.

Shownotes, courtesy of Martin (I should make all of my interview guest do this ;)):

  • 00:00 On the Consultants’ Session, Issues around Technology and Web X.0 consulting. “Selling without selling out.”
  • 05:00 On the Diversity Session
  • 06:30 “What has changed for you since last reboot?” I talk about how my consulting work around social software has changed.
  • 08:45 We get all excited that even the Germans got it. 😉 I share an anecdote from a seminar I gave to German communication professionals.

Download MP3 (15 min, 8.7 MB)

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Reboot 8: Interview with Dannie Jost

Dannie Jost tells about Intellectual Properties, simple patents, why the question needs to be “what is it that we really need to protect this knowledge?”, the gaps of knowledge with many people talking about these topics, limitations of Creative Commons, and if the guys in suit like the coming change.

Read her speaker entry on the wiki or visit her blog.

Download MP3 (29 min, 17 MB)

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Question: Why are you coming to reboot or who would you like to meet

While preparing the rest of the interviews I do have here – everything will be online tomorow morning because then I do start travelling to CPH 😉 – I would like to give you the chance to tell your fellow rebooters “Why are you coming to reboot or who would you like to meet”? Send me an audio file to neezee under and I will include it in the audio I finish problably midnight (at GMT+2) 😉

Or just write about it on your blog and make sure to use the tag!

Reboot 8: Interview with Robert Willim

Robert Willim talks about being an ethnologist, his Phd about the rise and fall of Framfab, organizational challenges, if there are differences between the dot com bubble and today, why many people are still using dinosaur applications like Word, and his suggestions on reading materials.

His reading tips included “Lev Manovich on visual culture and new media and Andreas Wittel on “network sociality”. He adds: I think he has only published pieces on this in journals… but the stuff may be “googleable”

Robert is given a talk about “I’m taking a ride – curve surfing and speed mania

Download MP3 (29 min, 16.9 MB)

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Reboot 8: Interview with Euan Semple

Euan Semple talks about his work at the BBC and the grass root approach of turning them towards ‘modern technology’, what he today is passionate about, the human desire to “connect” and the change in the way we see ourselves, the dead hand of control of global IT and what motivated him to talk about

There’s something going on here that is bigger than any of us. (A hopeless idealist considers hyperlinks, organisations, life, the universe and everything.)

Going on about Enlightenment, ‘the obvious’, why it is appropriate (and efficient) to engage and connect even in a business context, about trust in people you hire, why he gets less comfortable with mass media.

Download MP3 (25:31 min, 23.9 MB)

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Reboot 8: Interview with Ton Zijlstra

Living a life as a passionate knowledge management consultant Ton Zijlstra and I talk about knowledge worker, the (not?) existing differences in Europe, the dutch mentality of managing relationships, how to leverage diversity, the idea of a European 360 degree feedback round, and his talk at reboot “Diversity as engine for a European innovative culture” which he will be hosting together with Lee Bryant and Martin Röll (see also his post on this topic).

Download MP3 (36:46 min, 21.5 MB)

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