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Leweb 3: Interview with Tristan Nitot of Mozilla Europe

Second guest is Tristan Nitot of Mozilla Europe – and we start of with statistics as well, but let that not keep you away from listening to him.

Download MP3 (24:30 min, 14 MB)

  • the role of Mozilla Europe and why Firefox is important to the internet society
  • why privacy concerns may help Firefox numbers in Europe
  • how he got involved with Mozilla Europe
  • why normal people still do not use Firefox and how to set them up correctly
  • IE 7 and how it is nice to see Microsoft back in the game
  • the open nature of Firefox and the great extension system
  • the surprising fact that you can make a living out of open source and that it really worked
  • innovation are great!
  • more choices help everyone and do push standards

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Leweb 3: Interview with David Sifry

First interview guest is David Sifry of Technorati. He does post regulary the “state of the blogosphere” but hearing those numbers is a bit different than just reading them. Topics include:

Download MP3 (21:30 min, 12,5 MB)

  • development in the international blogosphere, especially the problems in France and Korea
  • the language barrier and how Technorati deals with it
  • the state of the spam blogs and what Technorati does about it
  • how a tool like is relevant for a company like Technorati
  • a link to last years interview with David Sifry for LesBlogs

David is going on a photowalk in Paris, read more information about this on his blog.

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