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Leweb 08

[Go to the extended posting on crueltobekind for the Leweb08 pre conference interviews.]

December is when Europe (and several batches of people from the US) travels to Paris to enjoy the food and the wine, because it is Leweb time. All of Europe? Nope. But the relevant part. 😉

As such it is a great pleasure for me to do again a pre conference podcast with some of the speakers. I will finish the uploads by sunday so you should have enough time to listen to all of them.

Overview of the LeWeb08 Interviews

Digital Lifestyle Day 06 conference podcast

For the DLD 06 the pre conference podcast now has finished and I am looking forward to the conference!

This time I had help from Thomas Wanhoff and Frank Tentler from the Tomorrow Podcast-Show and we managed to record 10 interesting episodes. They are available at the conference site, but I was wondering if you would have expected me to add them into my bloxpert feed as well? Any thoughts on this appreciated!

But here are the recorded interviews:

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Typepad to offer special Business service?

According to Modern Marketing:

In a frank email exchange about Typepad’s recent problems, TP’s CEO Barak Berkowitz told me that Six Apart is to launch a “Business Class Service” after the big move.

A personal blogger might not care so much about whether or not his site is up 90% of the time, a business person does.

If posting on your plattform takes that long, it costs too much money. But the question will be how they will justify the probably coming price increase? Just by “pay us and you will get the service you once where used to”?