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Thanks Blogher

or Women do ask the same question as men – with a twist.

Thanks to all of you who made my session on “Advanced podcasting question” on the recent Blogher conference such an interesting two hours. The standard question which where to be expected (Skype calls – how to record Skype calls??, which Mic / mobile equipment and some others) where enhanced with some more interesting ones. And I especially loved the way how we showed off our gadgets so everybody could have a look. Thanks again for that.

As a short overview, bloxpert is – while being the more serious address – the website where I want to bring in most of my interviews as well as links to more tutorial / how to like examples.

If you would like to read my ‘real’ blog (english that is) that would be cruel to be kind. If you have met me, you might understand why I chose this name: “I am cruel but only to be kind”.

If you would like to listen to my a bit erratic podcast, that would be Useful Sounds. And don’t be surprised: Chances that I talk about my favorite topics like podcasting, blogging and social media in general as well as some other favorites is quite high. 😉

(The feed to subscribe to interviews or preconference podcasts would be on this website.)

Websites and their contact info pages

While setting up interviews with speakers from Les Blogs 2.0 (let me rephrase that: trying to schedule), I encountered the problem of not being able to find a way to contact most of the people on the list.

Which is interesting, because many of them had a webpage, but only a few provided an email address or a contact form. Don’t get me wrong: I absolutly understand the need of privacy, but there are times when somebody should be able to contact you at all. At the moment, I will probably look up the phone number of the company and place a normal landline call to get in contact – and with that use up more ressources then just a simple email.

If you might think the interview request is nothing which should go through and I am biased on that, think about it this way: Somebody is willing to offer you a great job / project. And all they got is a lousy phone number. Do you want that to happen? 🙂

[And when you read this entry very early, my contact form is not ready – on this domain. But on every other ones, like for example here. :)]

the usual first test entry.

Lore ipsum is stupid, but it would be cool if one could just copy and paste text with meaning right away. Somehow the promised intelligent computers should come up with this – after all, this is the year 2005!