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“During conference information”

As Loic has written that I will do a during podcasting (which I won’t so much),, some people come here for the links. So let me collect what I have found / got mailed to, so the visitors are able to find them.

If you have additional information, please use the contact link on the right, or chat me at _neezee in IRC.

Pre conference closed – post conference opened

Some speakers I did not manage to get on Skype – be it that they never responded, or timing was bad or we could not get together due to different reasons. Which is why I want to do a post conference podcast and would like you as participants to be on as well. :o) Shoot me an email and we will make something work!

On the conference you will be able to get hold of me through IRC under _neezee or through email. As Skype is a P2P application, I will not be running that at the conference. 🙂

Interview with Mark Fletcher (Bloglines)

Mark Fletcher if founder of Bloglines, an online aggregating service and will be speaking on the panel
Tracking/Listening to the Online World“.

  • why he started Bloglines
  • what AskJeeves wants from Bloglines
  • what is a surprising use for him
  • some numbers from the service
  • the computer should do more work for us
  • why do we have to reinvent the wheel all the time (usenet, irc)?
  • localization and languages – a must in the global internet
  • his expectations of the conference
  • how is the business model?
  • what does web 2.0 mean to him

Read his speaker bio for more information or visit his blog.

Download MP3 ( 31 min, MB)

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Interview with David Sifry (Technorati)

David Sifry wants to be of service with his company Technorati – and we will rely heavily on this service over the next two days. :o)

  • What started Technorati?
  • it is all about tracking people talking about you
  • library methaphore vs. the internet as a (conversation) stream
  • how tagging came to Technorati and why it is so much easier and powerful than knowledge management
  • structured blogging and how standards make all our lives easier
  • who are Technorati’s customers?
  • his vision for Technorati: the participant economy
  • how can customers help Technorati
  • core values at Technorati and the mantra: be of service

He will be talking on the panel “Tracking/Listening to the Online World” Read his speaker bio for more information or visit his blog.

Download MP3 (38:51 min, 36.4 MB)

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Interview with David Hornik (August Capital)

David Hornik, a VC as in capitalist as well as caster, is speaking on the panel “Investing 2.0 : The Good, The Bad and The Ugly“.

In this interview we talk about:

  • the “what is Web 2.0 podcast
  • what kind of ventures he is working on and his background
  • about his history in intelectual property lawyer
  • a blogging and podcasting VC?
  • what does mobility mean to him?
  • let smarter people built smarter applications
  • about his posting Built to be bought (Bubble 2.0)
  • is Europe leading on something and are there other things he is missing over here?
  • what is he expecting from the conference and what is his dream of the nearer future?

Read his speaker bio for more information or visit his blog.

Download MP3 (26 min, 24.4 MB)

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Interview with Yann Motte (Yahoo Europe)

Yann Motte (speaker bio) is VP of Product Management at Yahoo Europe and speaks on the panel Tracking/Listening to the Online World.

  • he thinks it is a coincidence that a french is running this department for Europe – yeah right 😉
  • differences of user generated content between the US and Europe
  • about enriching the user experience and express themselves
  • lag between Europe and US regarding technology, but not so much at the content side?
  • he impact of releasing new tools and services late for localization in Europe
  • what he expects of the conference

Download MP3 (16:13 min, 9.5 MB)

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Interview with Gabe McIntyre

Film director, teacher and funky hair – meet Gabe McIntyre from

  • a geeky pickup line
  • The Netherlands – the mother country of all pod- and videocasts?
  • how RSS changed the way of distribution and democratized the media
  • being able to is more important than production quality?
  • trends in video blogging (speed blogging and the opposite)
  • is screencasting video blogging too?
  • is video blogging more for the MTV generation and podcasting for the older ones?
  • video iPod had a huge impact as iTunes for audio podcasting
  • how the students work today
  • what he would like to achieve: inspire people to video blog, and inform others about what videobloggers need

Or listen to him when he is on the panel “Podcasting, Photo & Video Blogging“.

Visit his company or take a look at his blogs.

Download MP3 (32 min, 18.6 MB)

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Interview with Jian Ni (Nokia Lifeblog)

Jian Ni is Senior Business Development Manager for the Nokia Lifeblog and will be speaking on the panel Podcasting, Photo & Video Blogging.

We talk about:

  • Nokia has been changing from being just a mobile phone company to the convergence age
  • they don’t call it phones anymore – voice only is history
  • easy access to digital is key to attract people to try
  • mission should be: enjoy without hazzle – we’ll take care of the rest
  • usage of mobile phones in Europe, Asia and the US
  • why a mobile is a primary phone in Europe but not in the US
  • flatrate is the direction to go to encourage business opportunities
  • what he would likes to know: why are normal people using blogs and what can encourage them to use it more? Who is interested in using mobile applications?
  • how is mobile usage and business through it in Asia
  • he promised to bring gadgets 🙂
  • how the quality of the video is already up par with camcorders

Download MP3 (29:30 min, 17 MB)

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Some more podcast to come

Just wanted to inform you that I have still some more podcast in the pipe which will go online later this evening / night and include some very interesting names – in the meantime have fun discovering the other interviews.

I want to podcast from Paris a bit, but would also like to include links to other podcasters from there. When i link to their mp3 file, you would get them downloaded as well – it would be nice to get some feedback on whether this is wanted or not? You can always check the coverage page on the wiki on that.

Btw want to meetup on sunday?

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