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Leweb 3: Interview with Ewan Spence Jonas Luster

Ewan Spence and Jonas Luster are both hard core gamers and when you listen to them you will find the most geeky men talking about gaming. 😉 (The interviewer only does nice sweet little games like Bejeweled).

Download MP3 (47 min, 28 MB)

Even if you do not play games – listen to it. You might learn something you did not think you would!

I highly enjoyed this conversation but will not make as extensive show notes because this would take a lot of time and want to get this out as soon as possible.

Just some highlights

  • What is the challenge? Challenging other people instead what the designer came up with
  • Akzeptance, Progression and Selfworth – in game you get that much easier than in Real life.
  • Playing against a machine or a human is a much different game
  • Made rules are proned to nomic, interpretation and challenge. You can’t challenge a computer.
  • Reinventing society – easier in World of Warcraft or Second Life?
  • Why Jonas wants a “kick his ass” button in Second Life
  • Second Life Hippies versus WoW gun lovers
  • SL needs a competitor to evolve
  • Why do you start gaming? You go there because there are already people there you know
  • The thumb generation and a new look at games
  • Using Second Life as a test drive for a collectable card game as a playtest instead of a expensive massive real test and using World of Wordcraft to gain experience and learn about different leadership styles
  • I just say: Men in skirts!

This concludes the Leweb 3 interviews and I am looking forward meeting everyone in Paris!

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Leweb 3: Interview with Mathieu Nouzareth (Boonty)

Mathieu Nouzareth is founder and ceo of Boonty, a company for casual games in high-quality downloadable form

Download MP3 (14:30 min, 9 MB)

We talk about the following:

  • new trend: multiplayer games
  • change in media consumption: less tv, more online
  • Games play well in all parts of the world, but there are differences in prices
  • the missed chance by advertisers and marketing
  • trends people should be looking at
  • buy online games or devellop yourself?

Take a look at one of his site:
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Leweb 3: Interview with Jeff Clavier

Jeff Clavier is a Business Angel, living in Silicon Valley and now he is a Web 2.0 only investor. 😉

Beside that he gives us the real pronounciation of the conference Leweb troi! 😉

Download MP3 (27 min, 16 MB)

  • why it is only web 2.0 anymore
  • is Europe visible in the Valley?
  • why the bar for European start ups to get funding in the Valley is so much higher than for locals
  • which is bad as there is a lot of capital available,
  • shortage of capital in Europe, shortage of opportunities
  • what kind of businesses has he invested in
  • building search engine versus behavioural targeting
  • what does Jeff see in 2007?
  • a service like BrightRoll versus Google Video
  • living in a third world country regarding mobile and internet connection and how this is a chance for european entrepreneurs
  • which other area could Europe lead the development and doesn’t?
  • Investors in Europe – a nearly extinct race? And Entrepreneurs have to be beggers?

You can listen to last years interview with him here to see what has changed 😉

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Leweb 3: Interview with Alexander Straub

Alexander Straub, a serial entrepreneur with his companies truphone and pixsta

Download MP3 (18 min, 11 MB)

  • about truphone – use wlan with voip and do not worry any more about those high phone bills (world economic forum price 2007)
  • about pixsta being an image search company for the pictures you cannot describe but know what they look like
  • discover over hundred thousand shoes but also learn how such a search can help retailers sell items
  • an engineer at heart who likes to bring new development to fruition and commercialise it
  • differences in business oportunites between the US and Europe and in his opinion Europe is equal with the States
  • why he is especially interested in meeting the French

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Leweb 3: Interview with David Weinberger

Wikipedia says that David Weinberger is a technologist and his work focuses on how the Internet is changing human relationships, communication, and society.

And that is exactly what we are talking about in this interview. 🙂

Download MP3 (33 min, 19 MB)

  • the structure of the net is more natural in structuring information
  • a buddy list throughout your life redefines friendship
  • being (dis-)connected to the net
  • it is more than just an information highway – the internet is profoundly social
  • at a crossroad: the fear of the dark powers
  • the cluetrain manifesto not only meant for business and marketing
  • digital natives versus digital naives
  • at the beginning it sounds very reasonable … but let’s keep those forces away.
  • “I do not know what I am interested in” but the world is much more interesting than anybody has told us about!

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Leweb 3: Interview with Charlie Schick (Nokia)

Charlie Schick leads product management for Nokia Multimedia’s online products and gives a little bit insight how the company ‘ticks’.

Download MP3 (19 min, 12 MB)

  • how Nokia is structured for new developments
  • as well as their change from being just a manufacturer and towards a “solution provider” for the mobile person
  • how the history of commerce can be linked to Nokia
  • his passion and how he got into his new job
  • 1996/7 or 2006 – bring back the old slides! The vision is still the same but now people and technology embrace it more
  • what is the next big thing for him?

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Leweb 3: Interview with Gabe McIntyre

Gabriel McIntyre from (a company which as he claims actually earns money with this video stuff *g*)

Download MP3 (26 min, 15,5 MB)

  • a short view back on 2006, the year of the vlog?
  • how he thinks video exploded much faster than audio
  • it is about people communicating in a variety of media
  • greater possibilities for students with online portfolios
  • why he thinks that tv will not die – just like books, radio or the movies
  • what will actually change the landscape
  • old and new modells for market strategies / advertising
  • once the filter is gone, tools are easy and cheaply available, creativity can emerge
  • examples for first steps in carte blanche with online media

(Last years interview can be found here.)

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Leweb 3: Interview with Scott Rafer

Scott Rafer runs Mybloglog, a tool for the curious blogger.

Download MP3 (21:40 min, 13 MB)
Topics include:

  • how statistics and tools help build to bring a smile on your face in this web 2.0
  • how mybloglog started as a clickcounttool but now expands to bring faces to your blog
  • how the different visitors to your site can be recognized
  • I started my blog to make human connections and it felt like I failed
  • 25000 user profiles, but 4 million counted visitors per day on 38000 blogs
  • housekeeping on the blogs
  • the 10 hottest clicks:
  • differences between the paid and the free user on mybloglog

The meetup Scott mentioned is at the Web Bar 1830-2030

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Leweb 3: Interview with Stephanie Booth

Stephanie Booth is a blog consult and also works on co-comment.

Download MP3 ( 22:11 min, 13 MB)

We talk about an aspect which is not very often discussed: How teenagers and their parents experience the web and how they discover the net, including risks and chances.

Also we dive into how the language barriers are much higher than expected, if Switzerland might be an example for dealing with such a barrier and how monolingual thinking hinders development of good tools.

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