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Reboot 10 Interviews

Reboot is by far my most loved conference of all and it is the one I do make sure I have a pre conference podcast for, and 2008 was no difference.

The links to the interviews:

Be a part of postboot and help me challenge you.

Reboot is over and if there is something I am disappointed about that would be that “we” did not participate for / with each other as last year. It is not a conference where “the organiziers” make it happen, but we.

If you look at the title of this blog, it is called bloxpert – for being something like an expert in blogging and all this other stuff – but the important thing is the addition: “we should be challenging”.

People coming to reboot – as long as they don’t fall into the mainstream definition – are about challenges and achieving something; not for themselves but for all of us. It is not so much about the money but about the rest around it.

At the moment I am sitting after some nice shopping in Copenhagen in a cafe before fetching a train, but I would like to point out the following:

If you have been at reboot 8, help me to do the postboot. I do feel bad about not having the time aka not taking enough of my time to deliver a better podcast for you. Ping me through skype (nicole.simon) or take the contact page and send me your data so I can get back in touch with you and make the postboot part of the conversation about / of reboot and how we really can make something different out of it.

I am not sure about how I want to pursue this best (if it will be just audio or more text as well); but help me to “challenge” you. 🙂

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Reboot 8: Interview with Martin Röll

Martin Röll will not only be holding a conversation together with Ton Zijlstra and Lee Bryant but also facilitate a session titled “Consultants Session“.

Read his speaker entry on the wiki or visit his blog.

Shownotes, courtesy of Martin (I should make all of my interview guest do this ;)):

  • 00:00 On the Consultants’ Session, Issues around Technology and Web X.0 consulting. “Selling without selling out.”
  • 05:00 On the Diversity Session
  • 06:30 “What has changed for you since last reboot?” I talk about how my consulting work around social software has changed.
  • 08:45 We get all excited that even the Germans got it. 😉 I share an anecdote from a seminar I gave to German communication professionals.

Download MP3 (15 min, 8.7 MB)

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Reboot 8: Interview with Dannie Jost

Dannie Jost tells about Intellectual Properties, simple patents, why the question needs to be “what is it that we really need to protect this knowledge?”, the gaps of knowledge with many people talking about these topics, limitations of Creative Commons, and if the guys in suit like the coming change.

Read her speaker entry on the wiki or visit her blog.

Download MP3 (29 min, 17 MB)

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Question: Why are you coming to reboot or who would you like to meet

While preparing the rest of the interviews I do have here – everything will be online tomorow morning because then I do start travelling to CPH 😉 – I would like to give you the chance to tell your fellow rebooters “Why are you coming to reboot or who would you like to meet”? Send me an audio file to neezee under and I will include it in the audio I finish problably midnight (at GMT+2) 😉

Or just write about it on your blog and make sure to use the tag!