Interview with Ben Hammersley

Ben Hammersley was my first guest on my Reboot podcasts this year, and his presentation was not only great – but challenging for our minds. The different people I have talked to afterwards, this was the presentation many have said to be the one with the longest lasting effect.

It is my pleasure to bring him “back” and talk with him about how his topic has evolved. Because in this new society, we not only want to express ourselves differently, but also we participate for example through podcasting in conferences, so speakers cannot hold one and the same speech several times.

His keynote for Les Blogs 2.0 is titled “Eight ideas that will really revolutionize the 21st century (and why blogging isn’t one of them)” and I encourage you to go listen to it – because hearing him afterwards on some recordings is only half the fun. For more information, read his speaker bio or visit his blog.

Download MP3 (42 min, 24.7 MB)

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