Interview with David Sifry (Technorati)

David Sifry wants to be of service with his company Technorati – and we will rely heavily on this service over the next two days. :o)

  • What started Technorati?
  • it is all about tracking people talking about you
  • library methaphore vs. the internet as a (conversation) stream
  • how tagging came to Technorati and why it is so much easier and powerful than knowledge management
  • structured blogging and how standards make all our lives easier
  • who are Technorati’s customers?
  • his vision for Technorati: the participant economy
  • how can customers help Technorati
  • core values at Technorati and the mantra: be of service

He will be talking on the panel “Tracking/Listening to the Online World” Read his speaker bio for more information or visit his blog.

Download MP3 (38:51 min, 36.4 MB)

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