Interview with Gabe McIntyre

Film director, teacher and funky hair – meet Gabe McIntyre from

  • a geeky pickup line
  • The Netherlands – the mother country of all pod- and videocasts?
  • how RSS changed the way of distribution and democratized the media
  • being able to is more important than production quality?
  • trends in video blogging (speed blogging and the opposite)
  • is screencasting video blogging too?
  • is video blogging more for the MTV generation and podcasting for the older ones?
  • video iPod had a huge impact as iTunes for audio podcasting
  • how the students work today
  • what he would like to achieve: inspire people to video blog, and inform others about what videobloggers need

Or listen to him when he is on the panel “Podcasting, Photo & Video Blogging“.

Visit his company or take a look at his blogs.

Download MP3 (32 min, 18.6 MB)

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