Interview with Jian Ni (Nokia Lifeblog)

Jian Ni is Senior Business Development Manager for the Nokia Lifeblog and will be speaking on the panel Podcasting, Photo & Video Blogging.

We talk about:

  • Nokia has been changing from being just a mobile phone company to the convergence age
  • they don’t call it phones anymore – voice only is history
  • easy access to digital is key to attract people to try
  • mission should be: enjoy without hazzle – we’ll take care of the rest
  • usage of mobile phones in Europe, Asia and the US
  • why a mobile is a primary phone in Europe but not in the US
  • flatrate is the direction to go to encourage business opportunities
  • what he would likes to know: why are normal people using blogs and what can encourage them to use it more? Who is interested in using mobile applications?
  • how is mobile usage and business through it in Asia
  • he promised to bring gadgets 🙂
  • how the quality of the video is already up par with camcorders

Download MP3 (29:30 min, 17 MB)

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