Interview with Salim Ismail from Pubsub

Chairman and co-founder of , Salim Ismail is panelist on “Tracking/Listening to the Online World” and adds to what Marc Canter talked about in the last podcast – structured data and what this means for our life.

Topics he and I are talking about are for example

  • looking into the past and using a matching engine for new events
  • the first decade: “messaging”, the second: “request and respond”, the third: “publish and subscribe”
  • structured blogging and new tools for this
  • the feedmash
  • Pubsub tracks Blogs, Usenet groups, airport delays, stock filings and – an XML-based earthquake system
  • information should be available when a user needs them – and if they need them very quick, there is a business waiting
  • what idea started Pubsub – and why bloggers make a great load test
  • structured data, blogging and localization

Read his speaker bio for more information or read the session description.

Download MP3 (30 min, 17.4 MB)

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