Leweb 3: Interview with David Weinberger

Wikipedia says that David Weinberger is a technologist and his work focuses on how the Internet is changing human relationships, communication, and society.

And that is exactly what we are talking about in this interview. 🙂

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  • the structure of the net is more natural in structuring information
  • a buddy list throughout your life redefines friendship
  • being (dis-)connected to the net
  • it is more than just an information highway – the internet is profoundly social
  • at a crossroad: the fear of the dark powers
  • the cluetrain manifesto not only meant for business and marketing
  • digital natives versus digital naives
  • at the beginning it sounds very reasonable … but let’s keep those forces away.
  • “I do not know what I am interested in” but the world is much more interesting than anybody has told us about!

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