Leweb 3: Interview with Ewan Spence Jonas Luster

Ewan Spence and Jonas Luster are both hard core gamers and when you listen to them you will find the most geeky men talking about gaming. 😉 (The interviewer only does nice sweet little games like Bejeweled).

Download MP3 (47 min, 28 MB)

Even if you do not play games – listen to it. You might learn something you did not think you would!

I highly enjoyed this conversation but will not make as extensive show notes because this would take a lot of time and want to get this out as soon as possible.

Just some highlights

  • What is the challenge? Challenging other people instead what the designer came up with
  • Akzeptance, Progression and Selfworth – in game you get that much easier than in Real life.
  • Playing against a machine or a human is a much different game
  • Made rules are proned to nomic, interpretation and challenge. You can’t challenge a computer.
  • Reinventing society – easier in World of Warcraft or Second Life?
  • Why Jonas wants a “kick his ass” button in Second Life
  • Second Life Hippies versus WoW gun lovers
  • SL needs a competitor to evolve
  • Why do you start gaming? You go there because there are already people there you know
  • The thumb generation and a new look at games
  • Using Second Life as a test drive for a collectable card game as a playtest instead of a expensive massive real test and using World of Wordcraft to gain experience and learn about different leadership styles
  • I just say: Men in skirts!

This concludes the Leweb 3 interviews and I am looking forward meeting everyone in Paris!

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