Leweb 3: Interview with Gabe McIntyre

Gabriel McIntyre from xolo.tv (a company which as he claims actually earns money with this video stuff *g*)

Download MP3 (26 min, 15,5 MB)

  • a short view back on 2006, the year of the vlog?
  • how he thinks video exploded much faster than audio
  • it is about people communicating in a variety of media
  • greater possibilities for students with online portfolios
  • why he thinks that tv will not die – just like books, radio or the movies
  • what will actually change the landscape
  • old and new modells for market strategies / advertising
  • once the filter is gone, tools are easy and cheaply available, creativity can emerge
  • examples for first steps in carte blanche with online media

(Last years interview can be found here.)

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