Leweb 3: Interview with Jeff Clavier

Jeff Clavier is a Business Angel, living in Silicon Valley and now he is a Web 2.0 only investor. 😉

Beside that he gives us the real pronounciation of the conference Leweb troi! 😉

Download MP3 (27 min, 16 MB)

  • why it is only web 2.0 anymore
  • is Europe visible in the Valley?
  • why the bar for European start ups to get funding in the Valley is so much higher than for locals
  • which is bad as there is a lot of capital available,
  • shortage of capital in Europe, shortage of opportunities
  • what kind of businesses has he invested in
  • building search engine versus behavioural targeting
  • what does Jeff see in 2007?
  • a service like BrightRoll versus Google Video
  • living in a third world country regarding mobile and internet connection and how this is a chance for european entrepreneurs
  • which other area could Europe lead the development and doesn’t?
  • Investors in Europe – a nearly extinct race? And Entrepreneurs have to be beggers?

You can listen to last years interview with him here to see what has changed 😉

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