Leweb 3: Interview with Phil Noble from Politics Online

At first I thought a talk with Phil Noble about Politics might be boring (even though I am a big fan of West Wing) but I was pleasently surprised by our talk. 🙂

We talk about his company Politics Online, how politicians do understand the net (or not) and what he sees for the future of politics.

Download MP3 ( 30 min, 17 MB)

  • what is Politics Online about?
  • why don’t I just go to my newspaper site?
  • what is the vision and has it come true?
  • the fascination individuals are impowered by the net
  • spend time with things which will change the world
  • what is the major difference between european and american politics?
  • his idea why the french have so many blogs 😉
  • examples of the impact of technology on both sides
  • often forgotten: John Kerry raised most of his money online
  • how he is surprised that there are not many more independet organisations in Europe
  • which european politicians really impress him
  • differences between older and younger people in using technology
  • how excited he is to meet everybody in Paris

Additional mentioned links: Jib Jab and Move On

Tim Bonnemann has transcribed a part of this interview. (thx)

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