Lift07: Interview with John Buckman

John Buckman is running an online record label – which is not evil.

Download MP3 (39 min, MB)

We talk about:

  • how Magnatune came about and why the whole chain in the music business is filled with evil
  • how music is published with Magnatune
  • how this works together with traditional models but still is new with CC licences
  • of course we also talk a lot about using creative common licences
  • better be outstanding than mediocre
  • if the Magnatune can work in other industries but why music might be special
  • Bookmooch – the exchange system for books, the credit system and how people use it
  • how this might change the way you look at books and the buying process

Links: Speaker bio, Magnatune and BookMooch

And if anyone can get me “Lesson learned from Sesame Street” please?! 🙂

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