Lift07: Interview with Matthias Lüfkens

Matthias Lüfkens is Senior Media Manager for the World Economic Forum and runs a travel guide company called At Lift he is moderating the panel “Dealing with technological overload”.

Download MP3 (37 min, 22 MB)

We talk about

  • how this year the Forum in Davos has really opened up to the world wide audience
  • which benefits this has brought and how this evolution came to happen
  • the gimmick of Second Life and what might be Web 3.0
  • how the Davos spirit can be kept but still achieve openess to the world for example with Davos Conversation
  • Technology overload and the impact of the Blackberry
  • the problem of not teaching people how to use technology
  • about the story of “in your pocket” and the value of having edited information and why you do not need a Starbucks in Istanbul

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