Podcastday 2006 in Cologne

Over the last weeks I have been busy preparing the Podcastday 2006, which I was co-organizing as well as moderating a panel. It was happening as part of a bigger conference (Mediaforum NRW), and it was completly in German. Over 400 people visited 12 panels in three tracks and the list of speakers shows the diversity we where able to get.

The combination was a rather interesting one – traditional media meets podcasting, and we got most of the press for some quotes of some of the big shots of traditional media. Of course, not everybody was happy – the media guys fear the new media, the business guys just want to know how to monetize this and the more private podcasters are not interested in the other two groups and just want to party. Which is totally okay with me, but it seems as if we need to find a different way for the third group to be able to celebrate and have fun! 🙂

If you understand German, you can follow the pre conference podcasts Thomas Wanhoff and I did together or listen to the panels.

The organizers of the main event where very satisfied with what was achieved through the Podcastday and we are already talking about Podcastday 2007. Next Medienforum is supposed to be 17-19th of June 2007. And yes, we will have translators for everybody again. 😉

Added: If you like some impressions from the day, take a listen to Chris Vallence snapshot of the day with some German podcasters.