Reboot 8: Interview with Martin Röll

Martin Röll will not only be holding a conversation together with Ton Zijlstra and Lee Bryant but also facilitate a session titled “Consultants Session“.

Read his speaker entry on the wiki or visit his blog.

Shownotes, courtesy of Martin (I should make all of my interview guest do this ;)):

  • 00:00 On the Consultants’ Session, Issues around Technology and Web X.0 consulting. “Selling without selling out.”
  • 05:00 On the Diversity Session
  • 06:30 “What has changed for you since last reboot?” I talk about how my consulting work around social software has changed.
  • 08:45 We get all excited that even the Germans got it. 😉 I share an anecdote from a seminar I gave to German communication professionals.

Download MP3 (15 min, 8.7 MB)

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