Websites and their contact info pages

While setting up interviews with speakers from Les Blogs 2.0 (let me rephrase that: trying to schedule), I encountered the problem of not being able to find a way to contact most of the people on the list.

Which is interesting, because many of them had a webpage, but only a few provided an email address or a contact form. Don’t get me wrong: I absolutly understand the need of privacy, but there are times when somebody should be able to contact you at all. At the moment, I will probably look up the phone number of the company and place a normal landline call to get in contact – and with that use up more ressources then just a simple email.

If you might think the interview request is nothing which should go through and I am biased on that, think about it this way: Somebody is willing to offer you a great job / project. And all they got is a lousy phone number. Do you want that to happen? 🙂

[And when you read this entry very early, my contact form is not ready – on this domain. But on every other ones, like for example here. :)]