Why do a (pre) conference podcast and what is is about?

This is supposed to be my default template to link to if I do another pre conference podcast so I do not have to write it each time. 😉

Does it not bother you that at such events you only know about interesting participants after you visited the event? Yes there are general information about speakers out there and about the goal for the conference, but other than that?

Wouldn’t it be more clever to get information about why somebody is coming especially to this event, what he or she wants out of it etc? Yes, this event is a bit different as the webpage you are on at the moment holds already a lot of information about bios and objectives, but did you read all of them?

Which is why I do regular pre conference podcasts with speakers and participants (I usually announce it here as latest project). I will mail especially the speakers, but I would love if you would make my task easier and contact me as well if you are interested in being interviewed. 😉

This will need ~ 30 minutes of your time and yes, you are also supposed to talk about your product – in a smart way.

the reason why
When I started going to conferences I was unhappy with the fact that it was ‘just’ the conference I could attend and only some information where given out before.

As trips to such conferences are quite expensive (mind you I for example come from Germany …) it seems odd how we do not aspire to maximize the experience out of it.

So I thought about it and pre conference podcasting was born. So far I have covered several conferences with this special kind of exposure and I love doing it.

But why should you listen to them?
It is supposed to get you even more exited about the event as well as give you ideas about who you would like to meet and what topics you would like to discuss at the event. Ideally you would be able to listen to the interviews before the conference and especially when you are travelling to the conference.

But there are already interviews / infos out there!
Only few of them are tailored to this specific event and your expectations and plans for it. Additionally, most people prefer different methods of getting information. Audio is different than text is different than video.

Why should I spend my time giving an interview to you?
You can talk about what interests you in such a discussion as well as bring up questions and topics you would like to talk about. It is also a chance to present your company / product, but please in a smart way.

This is not about large numbers of listeners but specifically tailored towards the visitors of the conference. As said It will take roughly 30 minutes of your time and is done via skype if possible.

Okay, I may be interested. How to get in contact with you?

I don’t want to be interviewed, but I have questions / suggestions
Even better! Feel free to contact me with them as well as do an audio comment.